Insurance Cover Addresses Special Needs of Outdoor Traders

People who sell products at fairs, festivals, concerts, and special events in the UK have rather specialised needs when it comes to insurance cover, but the industry offers bespoke solutions that will suit your requirements admirably. Stallholders, outdoor-event caterers, and market traders often work only part of the year when the weather is suitable.

Festivals Offer Plenty of Risk

Insurance cover is just as important for outdoor merchants as it is for people operating out of established retail locations. Festivals attract huge crowds of people from all levels of society. Accidents, thefts, and fights occur as a matter of course. People on holiday often get carried away by relaxation and drink, and they fail to exert normal discretion.

  • Stallholders can be held accountable for injuries and accidents that occur around their place of business.
  • Solicitors blanket the media with aids promoting no fee no pay advertisements to encourage people to bring lawsuits, many of which might be unjustified.
  • You could be held liable if a kid crawled up on top of your canvas awning and fell off, even if the little bugger had no legal permission to do so.
  • Part-time vendors still remain personally liable for damages, and you could lose your home, assets, and business as the result of an injury award.
  • Most market managers require public liability policies for stallholders.

Food Vendors Face Risk of Contaminated Food

Outdoor food preparation also generates risks. During busy festivals, it might be easy to forget to check thermometers. Festivals could last several days, and food must be kept at safe temperatures in the hot sun. Food poisonings occur at festival events every year. Often people do not even realize what has happened – they attribute their sour stomachs to overindulging. Food safety protocols and insurance cover are essential protections for vendors serving food to the public outdoors.

Insurance Options for Stallholders

Stallholders generally choose from two kinds of cover.

  1. Event cover. Special-event cover offers protection for all kinds of outdoor occasions. If you only work events occasionally, then this type of cover might suit your needs more effectively.
      You can add insurance cover for any kind of party, festival, or event with public liability protection.
    • Weddings are special situations requiring expert protection.
    • One-off business events or conferences can arrange special cover.
    • Exhibitions, fairs, and fireworks displays might cost higher premiums due to the increased risk of injuries.
  2. Public liability. You can choose a regular public liability policy that will cover you locally or abroad. You can get yearly coverage or choose a 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, or six-month policy. It is unnecessary to pay for cover you do not need.

Compare Insurance Providers, Plans, and Prices

Price comparisons offer the most convenient way to assess the levels of cover and prices to find a plan that suits your needs and budget. You should never risk bankruptcy to save a few quid on operating expenses. If a person suffers injury and you are judged negligent, then you could be responsible for hospital bills, injury awards, and solicitors' fees. Liability insurance offers peace of mind for relatively small premiums.