Providing Care for Children

One rewarding career for many people involves childminding in its myriad forms. Clubs, nurseries, day care facilities, group social events, childminding, and nanny services allow people the freedom and flexibility of caring for children as a lucrative career.

Nannies work for an exclusive family, providing care for one or more children. These professional carers enjoy the benefits of standard employment, since they work for their families as employees. Childminders are self employed, and they take care of children in various settings. Childminders might deal with a single client or multiple families.

Responsible carers need to protect themselves and their charges by obtaining adequate insurance cover. Accidents happen, and you could be held responsible for a child's injuries. Public liability policies for carers enjoy low rates for essential protection, and they offer carers peace of mind. Comparing policy options can save additional money. The type of insurance cover you need depends on the type of service you provide.

Bespoke Policies Cover Many Contingencies

Insurance companies offer many package deals to make insurance cover affordable for nannies, nurseries, and childminders. Types of insurance you might need include the following options.

  • Public Liability Insurance

    Liability insurance protects you from claims due to injuries or deaths of your charges. The policy also indemnifies you from damages the children might cause other people or property. You also enjoy protection in the following cases.

    • Injuries resulting from administering parentally approved medications.
    • Injuries arising from leaving children under third-party care during an emergency.
    • Damage to property, including children's property.
    • Accidental injuries from first-aid treatments.
  • Exclusions and Extensions

    Public liability does not cover child molestation, injuries to your own children while childminding, injuries from motor vehicle operation, or damage to your personal property. You can add extensions to cover the following scenarios.

    • Motor liability.
    • Legal costs of civil actions resulting from childminding service.
    • Extension of employer's liability cover.
  • Employer's Liability Insurance

    People who employ other childminders in their business must carry employer's liability insurance. If you work for someone else, he or she must provide you this protection free of charge.

  • Group Cover

    Group cover gives you added protection under certain circumstances. If you take groups of children on outings, you need protection for transportation injuries, accident protection for the children and staff, equipment cover, and protection for group money you might handle.

  • Nursery Cover

    Childminders who operate a physical location need additional protection for their buildings and businesses, including the following options. These types of cover can be combined in an affordable nursery policy.

    1. Building insurance.
    2. Legal expenses.
    3. Employer's liability.
    4. Personal assaults.
    5. Deterioration of food.
    6. Public and private liability.
    7. Computer breakdowns.
    8. Loss of revenue due to accidents.
    9. Nursery officials' and children's money and personal effects.

    The costs of these individual covers could be substantial, but package deals make nursery protection very affordable. You should compare the benefits and costs of several providers to find the best option for your needs.

Protect Yourself with Adequate Cover

Insurance cover offers essential protection for nannies, childminders, nurseries, and carers. You can save by comparing prices or accessing other discounts for combined policies. You might want to consider membership in the National Childminding Association. The organization makes an excellent resource for information.