In the UK, people frequently test the waters for even the most minor accidents by claiming legal recompense. The 'no win no fee' option that many solicitors offer encourages people to make all sorts of claims that reasonable people usually settled among themselves in years past. British magician Murphy summed it up nicely back in the early 20th century – if anything can go wrong, then it will.

If you forget just once to lay down protective sheets, then that will be the time that you drop plaster on an Oriental rug of great historical and cash value. If you leave a ladder up while you break for lunch, someone will come home unexpectedly and trip over it, causing serious injury. Even the most careful tradesmen fall victim to unanticipated circumstances, for which they could be held liable.

Tradesmen Insurance Cover for Plasterers

People who operate as sole traders in the UK are personally liable for any accidents their work might cause, including injuries to people and property damage. If you are found at fault, then you could lose your home, business, and other financial assets. Insurance cover protects against all sorts of contingencies.

Insurance companies offer bespoke tradesman insurance packages to meet you needs, so you can compare options and prices from several companies to find the best deal. As a plasterer, you might need the following insurance covers.

  1. Public Liability Insurance

    Public liability insurance protects against injury or property-damage claims.

    • Most policies start with £1,000,000 cover for accidents, injuries and property damage.
    • You can add increments of £1,000,000 for considerably less than the initial cost.
  2. Products' Liability Insurance

    This optional insurance cover offers protection from defective products or materials you might sell your clients.

  3. Legal Expenses Insurance

    Insurance cover can protect you from the expense of defence or legal disputes with clients. When researching the options, you might check to see if the company offers the following benefits.

    • Some insurance companies offer free legal services to help prepare contracts or inform you about health and safety measures you might be required to take.
    • Companies might offer tax and legal help online or by telephone.
  4. Employers' Liability Insurance

    Plasterers who employ additional help in their businesses must carry this type of cover in the UK. The insurance protects employees from injury while on the job.

  5. Tools and Equipment Cover

    This insurance cover protects against damage or theft while on the job, away from your primary place of business. Tools and equipment can be quite expensive, and you might be unable to work if your tools become compromised.

Value of Online Comparisons

Online comparisons allow you to investigate the options for your business quickly. Numerous insurance companies offer tradesmen policy packages, and you can choose the best option for affordable cover. You can add or subtract options from some packages, tailoring your policy to your exact needs.

For example, you might own a physical business location, and you would need to protect your building and property. You might also need van or truck cover. You might also consider Business Interruption Insurance, which supplies an income when you cannot work while waiting for an insurance company to settle your claim.