The smallest plumbing oversight could result in hidden leaks that cause major structural damage to a home, business or apartment building. Plumbers might be found liable for repairs or physical injuries that result from plumbing problems, and sole traders could easily lose their homes or other financial assets, unless they enjoy the protection of insurance cover.

Plumbers Need Adequate Insurance Cover

You need to protect your assets and business with insurance to keep your business running in case of accidents, damage claims, thefts, or natural disasters. Plumbers' insurance not only protects you against accidents and liability, but also demonstrate to clients your financial responsibility, creating opportunities for increased contracting business.

Types of Cover for Plumbers

Insurance companies offer bespoke policies specific to the plumbing industry. You can compare packages that offer comprehensive protection for your business and find a plan that is affordable. Most companies will allow you to choose several types of cover to create the perfect protection plan.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability policies pay claims for property damages or personal injuries that result from accidents or contracting errors made during your plumbing repairs or installations.

  • You can choose the liability limit. Most policies offer £1 million cover, and you can add increments of £1 million at discounted rates.
  • You can shop online and use comparison sites to find the best prices and package deals.
  • The excess you choose will also determine how expensive the premium will be.
  • Plumbers get substantial discounts if they have no claims made against their policies.

Employers Liability Insurance

You must get this type of cover if you employ any workers. The cover protects employees from accidents and injuries while working.

Private Medical Cover

Sole traders depend on their good health to make a living. If you get sick, you could end up on a waiting list for NHS doctors' appointments. Private medical cover might be a good investment to guarantee rapid diagnosis and treatment of any personal illness.

Products Liability

You might need protection if you sell bathroom fixtures, pipe, or kitchen-plumbing fixtures.

Optional Cover You Might Need

A bespoke policy can address your specific needs, depending on the services you offer. You might benefit from many of the following options for insurance cover.

  • Tools and Equipment

    Your tools and equipment are critical to the performance of your job. These often represent a large portion of your assets, so you should consider getting insurance cover to protect them.

  • Legal Expenses

    Legal disputes could prove very costly. You can protect yourself with legal expense cover.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Plumbers who design plumbing solutions for commercial clients could face a situation where a dissatisfied client claims injuries or financial loss from your work or advice. Indemnity insurance protects against these types of claims.

  • Buildings and Contents Cover

    Most plumbers do not operate a showroom, but some do sell fixtures and appliances at a retail location. If you operate a retail facility, then you should cover your building and contents against theft, fire, and natural disasters.

Plumbers often work as subcontractors on construction projects. Contractors usually require their subcontractors to carry liability insurance. The better your insurance cover, the more attractive your company will be to potential clients. You should research your options carefully and find a bespoke policy that meets your needs at an affordable price.