Running a pub, wine bar, or nightclub creates a range of risks, and insurance cover can protect against financial claims. Modern society often encourages lawsuits with 'no win no fee' legal ads in all the media. If you own a bar or pub, you could be liable for injuries or property damage caused by a number of potential situations.Business and Personal Finances Could Be at RiskSole traders or partnerships are liable both personally and professionally for damage claims. Serious injuries could cause you to lose your home, business, and personal assets if you fail to protect yourself with insurance cover. In addition to claims, the property, equipment, and inventory you employ to run your business could sustain damage, making it difficult to continue operating in cases of accidents or thefts.Insurance Cover Protects Your InvestmentFinding the proper combination of insurance covers will protect against many eventualities. Pub owners could need any of the following types of insurance.

  1. Public Liability InsuranceThis cover protects you against claims if a customer is injured on the premises. The insurance covers physical injuries and property damage. People sometimes get carried away in bars, and injuries sometimes occur. These incidents could be accidents, dance mishaps, or physical altercations.
  2. Buildings and Contents InsuranceThis protection indemnifies you against damage to buildings and their contents from burglaries, fire, floods, accidents, or natural disasters.
  3. Employers' Liability InsuranceIf you employ any people in your bar or club, UK law requires you to carry this type of cover to protect your employers against injuries. Failure to comply could result in fines up to £2,500 per day that insurance is not maintained.

Optional CoverMany types of optional insurance cover might suit your needs. Most insurance companies offer package deals for nightclubs, bars, and pubs. Several types of cover are included in the package, and you have the option of adding and subtracting covers to create a bespoke policy suitable for your needs.You can save money by combining policies. You can also save by comparing policies, packages, and companies online to find the best deal. Some optional covers you might choose for your pub or club include the following protections.

  • Household insurance. If you live on premises, you can combine your home and business insurance.
  • Loss of revenue. When an accident causes you to close for repairs, this cover will replace your income during construction.
  • Employee theft. Bars are subject to the theft of large sums of cash.
  • Legal expenses. The legal expenses of fighting a claim or business dispute could cause serious financial hardships for small businesses.
  • Front of premises. Storefronts, signage, glass, awnings, and canopies can suffer damage from a variety of causes.
  • Loss of liquor licence. Losing your licence could have a devastating effect on business.

Insurance cover essentially exists to protect your investment and spread the risks of operating among thousands of similar businesses to reduce catastrophic losses. Choosing the right covers and companies will allow you to relax and enjoy operating your business.