The restaurant business offers many challenges to operators with a wide range of associated risks. Insurance companies offer bespoke policies with standard and optional covers to meet those needs effectively and prepare your business to face any contingency. Restaurants, tea shops, takeaways, coffee shops and other food and beverage operations faces routine risks of kitchen fires, food poisoning, customer injuries, water damage, delivery accidents, and other perils.Select Cover to Match Your NeedsInsurance brokers often help restaurant owners put together insurance packages, and individual companies offer policy packages you can compare online to find the best option for your needs. Comparisons will help you locate the right price, but the most important consideration is finding the right cover to protect your business from liability.You might need any of the following covers to protect your business from the heightened risk engendered by the 'no win no fee' legal situation that encourages people to file legal claims.

  • Employers' LiabilityIf you employee anyone in your business, you must carry this cover to protect them against injuries while working.
  • Public LiabilityThis insurance protects you from customer claims for injuries or property damage that occur on your business premises.
  • Stock and Contents CoverThis cover protects your merchandise, equipment, and furnishings.
  • Other Valuable Insurance CoversYou might need any of the following optional covers to protect you from financial hardship.
    • Business Interruption
    • Goods in Transit
    • Loss of Licence
    • Money Loss
    • Glass and Frontage Cover
    • Buildings Cover
    • Outside Caterers Extension
    • Sound Equipment
    • Commercial Vehicle Cover

Managing PriceRefrigerated stock cover is one area that restaurants and small hospitality establishments often overlook, but freezers and coolers often break down, and the food supply can be ruined. Most restaurants invest a lot of money in their inventory, and a loss could easily make it impossible to operate.Comparison shopping for insurance makes sound economic sense. Some insurance companies offer premium discounts up to 25 percent for no claims histories. Another way you can take control of your costs is by choosing high excess, which is the amount you pay out-of-pocket toward a loss or claim. The higher the excess you choose, the lower your premium will be.The amount of cover you select also affects premiums. Mandatory Employers' Liability must cover at least £5 million in damages, but most policies offer £10 million protection. Other cover options offer you a choice on cover limits, and the amount selected can substantially impact the premium you pay.Special Covers to ConsiderYou might want to protect yourself from legal expenses with Legal Cover. If you cater large events, you could also run into situations where dissatisfied clients claim failures or shortcomings on your part caused them to suffer various financial losses. Professional Indemnity Insurance was designed to cover these types of claims.Glass and Storefront Cover often get overlooked, but vandalism, accidents, and natural weather phenomena frequently damage glass storefronts, awnings, and canopies, which can be very expensive to put right. Choosing the right combination of covers, excesses, limits, and insurance companies will create affordable protection for your small hospitality operation.