Beauty services often involve dangerous treatments that rival surgeons' work in their complexity and artistry – in fact, plastic surgery is just one subsection of beauty care. Unfortunately, these procedures could have side effects or unintended consequences, for both health and appearance. Dissatisfied clients might easily sue you for damages. Sole traders and partners are personally and professionally liable in the UK, and you could lose your home, business, or other financial assets unless you have insurance cover.

Bespoke Plans Cover Many Operators

Beauty salons, barbershops, nail technicians, and other people who perform cosmetic alterations need the right cover to protect them from liability. These include people providing the following services.

  • Self employed, freelance, or mobile beauty technicians.
  • Tanning salons, including spray tan services.
  • Beauty and barber training schools.
  • Nail studios, technicians, and freelancers.
  • Makeup artists.
  • Tattoo parlours and body piercing establishments.

The Right Cover Provides Protection

Whether you own an elegant shop on the high street or provide mobile service to a small list of preferred clients, you need insurance protection. The compensation culture encourages people to file suit to express their dissatisfaction through 'no win no fee' legal services.

  1. Public Liability/Professional Treatment Cover

    This cover is essential for people applying manicuring, barbering and beauty services. Accidents could cause serious injuries or property damage, and this cover pays the claims clients might bring. Among the services for which you can arrange cover include the following cosmetic procedures.

    • Bleaching of superfluous hair.
    • Advanced waxing.
    • Tattooing injuries, mishaps, and infections.
    • Electrolysis, facials, and holistic treatments.
    • Electrical slimming treatments.
    • Permanent makeup.
    • Ear piercing and piercing other body parts.
    • Eyebrow plucking and shaping.

    These are just a few of the procedures insurance can cover. General liability also covers accidents people might have on your premises, such as trips or falls, suffering injuries from caustic agents, or injuring themselves on glass when they beat their hands against mirrors after observing a botched perm.

  2. Employers' Liability Insurance

    Employers in the UK must carry this type of cover if they employ workers in their businesses.

  3. Buildings and Contents Cover

    You will need this cover to protect your workplace from accidents, thefts, and natural disasters.

  4. Product Liability Insuranc

    Most salons carry a line of beauty products and accessories they sell their customers. This cover protects you from claims that products have resulted in property damage or personal injury.

  5. Tools and Equipment Cover

    The beauty tools most operators use have accumulated over many years and represent a substantial cash investment. Theft or damage due to unforeseen circumstances could leave you unable to operate your business.

Premium Pricing and Optional Cover

Most insurance plans offer the option of picking and choosing from among a variety of covers to suit your particular needs. Mobile sole operators need different covers than a busy operator with many employees, but a price comparison online will allow you to find the right cover at the best price. Some optional covers you might need include the following options.

  • Legal Expenses Cover.
  • Equipment in Transit Cover.
  • Interruption of Business Cover.
  • Exhibition Cover.
  • External and Internal Glass Breakage.
  • Comprehensive Money Cover.