No single profession faces greater risks of being sued than practicing surgeons. Society has adopted a culture of compensation, encouraged by anecdotal evidence of huge cash awards and solicitors advertising 'no win no fee' legal services. Fortunately, surgeons have an answer available to continue their practices.

Insurance cover offers great flexibility for surgeons with a wide choice of optional cover extras to protect them from financial losses and patient claims. Surgeons can research the options online to find the best package of covers, companies, or brokers to suit their specific needs.

Insurance Cover for Surgeons

Several bespoke variations of professional liability and indemnity insurance offer protection for surgical practices. These include the following types of cover.

  1. Individual Covers

    You can choose to buy your surgery insurance in parts, and you will need to include some of the following covers.

    • Buildings.
    • Public and Employers' Liability.
    • Business Interruption.
    • Black Bag Cover.
    • Legal Expenses.
    • Refrigerated Drugs.
    • Computer Records Cover.
    • Inspection and Engineering Cover.
    • Trade Contents and Computers.
  2. Surgery Insurance

    Many companies offer comprehensive surgeons' cover. This cover protects your surgery building and the contents, covering equipment, laptops and medical instruments wherever they are used in the world. Hired or leased equipment also enjoy protection. Other key features include the following benefits.

  • Employers' Liability Insurance is included automatically.
  • Legal Expenses is also included in the package.
  • Refrigerated Drugs and vaccines are covered at no extra charge.
  • Public and Products Liability are included.
  • Fidelity Insurance protects surgeons against employee theft.
  • Medical Malpractice

    This cover protects you from claims of bodily injury by patients due to negligence, treatment mistakes, or bad advice, and it bridges the gap between professional indemnity cover and public liability. PI insurance will not cover bodily injuries, and PL insurance will not cover bad advice that results in injuries. This cover includes Good Samaritan Acts and mental issues patients might claim.

  • Locum Insurance

    Locum tenens is a Latin phrase meaning 'in place of', and this cover protects a surgical practice when one of doctors falls ill or sustains an injury. The money can be used to pay for a substitute to treat patients while the doctor, nurse, or key administrative employee recovers. These funds are not meant to compensate the sick or inured employee, but to compensate the practice for its loss.

  • Loss of Income

    This cover protects surgeons from a loss of personal income when ill or injured.

  • Comparison Identifies the Best Package

    Busy surgeons seldom have time to research insurance companies, plans, and packages, so online comparison sites offer tremendous time savings to find affordable covers. Insurance brokers might also help put together the right kinds of insurance, and they can help doctors stay on top of changing needs and policy deadlines.

    One key insurance difference that impacts surgeons is between the terms 'claims made' and 'claims occurring.' The term 'claims made' refers to retroactive cover for any claims. The phrase 'claims occurring' refers only to those claims made while a policy is in force. The difference in language can make a major difference to surgeons, who often find claims made years after surgical procedures.